Writing this first post is bringing me so much nostalgia from when I used to blog... OK enough about me ;p


--Hello habibti sisters! Welcome to our new website. Lots of new features- this blog, customer reviews and a rewards boutique we will be implementing soon inshallah. Anyway, can you believe in 2 days, it will be our 5th monthsary since our first launch? WILD. Honestly, its has been soo amazing creating products that you guys love. Seeing you donning our shawls and tagging us on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, no feeling compares to it. I catch myself scrolling through TS Habibti's tagged photos and mashallah, you guys are so pretty! Love to see it. 


Anyway, to those who recently joined the sisterhood, welcome <3 I will summarise our milestones from the past 5 months so you feel included in being part of our journey up till now okay mwahhhh :* 


Let's see..

1) Launched during MCO on 29th of March 2020

2) Introduced our first collection- Thalia Satin Shawl/Square and Layla Chiffon Shawl

3) Reached 10K followers on @ts.habibti 's Instagram on 17th of April! 

4) I graduated and became a DR!!! (last one about me I promise)

5) Introduced our Nefertiti Premium Chiffon Shawl for Eid (the bronze colour is still out of stock sorry guys)

6) Launched a Hijab Care Line with our first product- Delicate Fabric Wash

7) Expanded our Thalia and Layla Collection - 2.0!!

8) Reached 20k followers on @ts.habibti 's Instagram in August <3

8) Started shipping worlwide- our first customer was from the UK 

9) Launched our first ever Showroom

10) Introduced a Ready To Wear Line featuring our Satin Silk Pyjamas (in 5 colours)

11) Expanded our Hijab Care Line with our new Hijab Spray (2 scents) 

12) Launched our new website! 


Woah.. alhamdulillah none of this would have been possible without your constant support and love habibti! You guys have made all of this worthwhile and I am so happy you love our products as much as we do. Our vision is to make premium products affordable and we try our best to keep to this always. Even though the pyjamas is kinda expensive (yes, we know).. we have made this affordable for you. For the premium material and the feel of silk on your skin, the perfect stitching and lining, let's not forget the wudhu-friendly sleeves, trust me it is WORTH IT. Only the best for you my sisters, always.


Lots of love,


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